Your Feelings Are Valid

13239157_1013478062062105_1375980269532007487_nJust because someone has it worse than you, does not mean your feelings are invalid.

Today, someone told me that my blogs deeply angered them. They let me know that one of their family members was raped and the situation was much worse than mine. They told me, essentially, that my thoughts and feelings were invalid… All because someone had it worse than me.

This deeply angered ME. So here’s an open blog post to anyone who thinks that just because my case was not super tragic, I’m not allowed to speak out about rape & the horrible truths that come with being a survivor.

YES, I AM A SURVIVOR. Even though I was not beaten or battered. I survived the incident and the mental battles that come with it. I survived the depression aftermath. I am surviving the PTSD aftermath. I am a survivor. I am so sorry if that “triggers” you.

Are you aware that the First Amendment allows free speech? Because I am just exercising my right as an American while trying to help people. A large amount of people read, share, and reach out to me about my blog. I know for a fact that it helps people to know they are not alone and have someone to talk to. I get a lot of positive feedback for writing these, and a minuscule amount of hate. If you really hate someone for trying to help people that survived a tragedy, please reevaluate yourself. You don’t have to like me personally, but PLEASE have the decency as a human being to recognize that what I’m doing with my blogs is helping people. I am so sorry if this “triggers” you.

Lastly, I would like to say I am so sorry to the survivors that have also been told their feelings or thoughts are invalid. I am so sorry to the survivors that have also been blamed for what has happened to them. I am so sorry to anyone that has to be the victim in these rape crimes and for the aftermath that follows them. You are not alone. Some people truly just do not understand that there are far more tragic cases than others, but going through something like this is completely tragic on its own. Do not let what has happened to you define you, but take it and learn and grow from it.


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